Rosaryhill School 65th Anniversary Souvenirs 母校65周年紀念品

Posted by Jorge 21/11/2023 0 Comment(s) Upcoming Events,
玫瑰崗舊生會為慶祝母校65周年推出多種特別設計和訂造的精美紀念品,並將於25/11/2023(六)的65周年紀念晚宴及三個母校開放日(Home Coming Day)-26/11/2023(日)、7/1/2024(日)和23/3/2024(六)中售賣,歡迎各位校友到場購買。有關紀念品的種類和價錢請參考有關照片,因為我們只接受現金,所以懇請各位準備足夠現金和自備購物袋。
Dear Rosarians,
RHSOSA has launched a number of souvenirs to welcome the 65th anniversary of Rosaryhill School and such souvenirs will be for sale at the "65th Anniversary Gala Dinner - “Forever Rosarians" on 25/11/2023 and the three homecoming days at school on 26/11/2023, 7/1/2024 and 23/3/2024 respectively. Some of the souvenirs are newly designed and we strongly encourage you not to miss to buy these collection items. Please refer to the attached photos for the relevant information of the souvenirs. Lastly, please be reminded we will only accept cash, so please kindly prepare enough cash and bring your own shopping bags.