Letter to Alumni from RHS Supervisor

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昨天收到母校校監何幼孫神父通知,由於難以面對在香港近年辦學的挑戰,道爾頓學校(玫瑰崗)將於2024/25 年接辦小學幼稚園,中學會繼續營辦至2025/26 學年。欲知其他詳情,請留意學校網頁上的有關公佈。�
Dear Rosarians,
The School Supervisor, Fr Hyacinth He, informed me yesterday that, as the result of the challenging educational environment in Hong Kong, the operation of Rosaryhill Kindergarten and Rosaryhill School (Primary) will be passed over to Dalton School (Rosaryhill). Rosaryhill Secondary School will continue to operate until academic year 2025/2026. Please kindly go to the school’s homepage for detailed information.
Edward Ng
Rosaryhill School Old Students Association