Retired Primary Teacher Ms Janet Shum Rest In Peace

Posted by Jorge 04/01/2023 0 Comment(s) The Rosarians,
本會仝人懷着悲痛和惋惜的心情通知各位校友另一名退休小學老師岑慧雯老師(Ms Janet Shum)最近亦榮歸天國。岑老師在1982年加入母校小學部,曾任教社會科、健教科、美勞科、英語科和道德科,並在1997年8月31日正式退休。
日期: 2022年11月6日(星期日)
地點: 世界殯儀館
Dear Rosarians,
We are sorry to inform you that another retired primary teacher, Ms Janet Shum, has also passed away recently. Ms Shum joined the Primary Section of Rosaryhill School on 1st September 1982 and she retired officially on 31st August 1997. She had taught a number of subjects including English, General Studies, Moral Education, Arts and Craft and Health Education.
We hereby express our deepest condolences to Ms Shum's family and we also thank Ms Shum for her devoted teaching in our alma mater.
Below are the details of Ms Shum's funeral:
Date: 6th November 2022
Time: 11am to 3pm
Venue: Universal Funeral Parlour