1992 Form 5 Graduates 20th Anniversary Reunion Party

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RHS Class 1992 S5Reunion


Date:15/12/2012(Coming Saturday)

Venue: RHS School Hall


Long time no see! Let's get together to share what have happened to us in this 20 years since we left our school and reconnect with our teachers and friends. Just updated the guest list, good news that now 17 teachers and staff, plus 52 adults and 27 kids would join us the gathering.....almost 100 ppl now.....please ask more to come, let's meet all after 20 years..........


Our CONFIRMED honorary guests include (in alphabetical order)(17 teachers, staff):

Mr. Anson Fong, Ms. Catherine Shiu, Mr. Chan Chi Shing, Mr. Damen Chan, Mr. David Ma, Ms. Grace Tang, Mr. Jonathan Kwok, Ms. Judy Chan, Mr. Ko Kam Tong, Mr. Matthew Sit, Mr. Ng Si Sing, Mr. Raymond Tsui, Mr. Robert Kwan, Mr. Sammy Hung, Fr. Francisco de las Heras, Ms. Cathy Lau, Uncle Lee (The retired Guard), 大餅叔 (The school bus Driver). (this list is keep expanding and more teachers are confirming their presence).


Our CONFIRMED list of schoolmates(52 adults n 27 kids):

5A: Alan Ting, Dave Chow(w/ wife n kid), Andrew Yim, Patricia Wong(w/ kid)

5B: Simon Lee (2 adults), Linda Suen(w/ kid)

5C: Alex Ho, Charlton Cheung, Joe Chan(w/ wife n 2 kids), Kenny Lau(w/ wife n kid), Tina Lo(w/ 2 kids),

Carol Leung (w/ hubby n 2 kids), Rina Leung (w/ kid), Mendy Cheng, Albert Hon, Danny Yiu (w/wife n kid)

5D: William Chan,WiltonChan, Fernado Kong


5F: Eva Au (w/ 2 kids), Carmen Siu

5G: Fiona Lui(w/ kid), Claudia Wong, Irene Fung, Rodney Chan, Alan Poon

5H: Polly Lo, Sandra Ma (w/ 3 kids),Winnie Wong (w/ hubby n 2 kids), Janetta Hui, Benny Tse

5I: Angela Ho (w/ hubby n kid), Conney Poon (w/ hubby n kid), Angela Wong (w/ hubby n kid), Eric Yip, John Ng, Leslie Lam

5J: Winnie Lam, Joseph Wong

Patrick Ng (w/ wife n 2 kids)



6pm* – 7pm Reception

7pm – 9pm Buffet dinner (to be supplied from outside)

*Playing facilities for kids could be arranged before the reception. Please kindly contact Mendy Cheng (9652-2561) in advance, if you want those facilities.



HKD 250 per RHS old student or his/her spouse (kids are welcomed and are free of charge); Free parking in the school car park.


Payment of RHS old students and their spouse:

Please deposit into the following HSBC bank account:

Account Holder: Ho Chit              

Account number: 835 133034 001

When you make the deposit, please state (Your name, your class, your mobile number, and number of kids attending) in the reference.


Registration Method:

Contact Mendy Cheng in one of the following channels:

1.     Send message to her Facebook, or

2.     Send e-mail to chengungting@gmail.com, or

3.     Call her mobile 9652 2561.


Dress code: Casual or very casual!! (of course, school uniforms are welcomed)


Reminder: Please bring old photos and school collectible items if you have, so as to recall our memory of 20 years ago!