RHS Cross Country Competition on 1 DEC 2012 玫瑰崗學校越野賽跑

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繼「范士豪盃兩哩跑邀請賽」後,本會現誠邀各位 舊生/教職員/家長參與母校舉辦的第三十三屆社際越野賽跑公開組賽事。

日期:       2012年12月1日(星期六)

時間:      上午8時至中午12時30分

地點:      太平山頂

賽程:      男子(一圈 )組、女子(一圈 )組、男子(兩圈)組

報名:   於2012年11月26日前,電郵報名表到activities@rhsosa.org

費用:   免費







RHS Cross Country Competition on 1 December 2012

Dear alumni, parents, teachers and staff members of RHS,


Following the "Fr. Francisco Cup - 2 Miles Invitation Race", our alma mater will hold the 33rd Inter-House Cross Country Competition, we cordially invite you to join the Open Group competition.

Date:                1 December 2012 (Saturday)

Time:               Between 8 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Venue:             The Peak

Races:              Male (1 lap), Female (1 lap) and Male (2 laps)

Registration:     Complete the registration form and e-mail it to activities@rhsosa.org

                        before 26 November 2012.

Fee:                  Free of charge


For further details, please refer to the information on the registration form.

We look forward to receiving your registration form.


Best regards,

 2012 Open Group Entry Form.doc (150.0KB)