舊生閃耀東亞運﹣ 李銘皆專訪 Interview with Eric Lee, Silver Medalist in the East Asian Games 2009

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ericjump_528選址在跑馬地紀利華木球會接受舊生會編輯委員們的訪問,我們可以想像到李銘皆對運動的熱衷程度;除了馬球和欖球外,桌球、高爾夫球、羽毛球、游泳、籃球、田徑、足球...他無一不愛。當年在玫瑰崗就讀的時候,學業成績名列前茅的李銘皆活躍於不同類型的學會,中七的他更是六個校隊的隊員。 那時候Damen Sir 領軍的羽毛球隊氣氛很好,再加上李媽媽也是此道高手; 所以,羽毛球一直是他喜愛的運動。 他是 1994-1996 年度的最佳運動員,這名運動健將也在 1996那年勇奪港九學界男單甲級冠軍。




ericpict7784_3008.在英國升讀大學的時候,他亦開始愛上了高爾夫球這運動;此外,李銘皆亦參加了大學的桌球及羽毛球校隊。一直到學成歸來,李銘皆對運動的熱愛從無間斷;感激的是,家人對他的選擇決定從來支持。於東亞運成功奪牌,李銘皆證實了他多年來對運動的熱衷是認真的;亦間接令更多年青人認識到英式撞球。 英式撞球在20-30年前曾風行一時,可是由於其節奏較慢,反而沒有像從其演變出來的桌球能在港流行並普及。李銘皆指出,桌球能夠被香港體育學院列入精英體育項目,有助培育接班人,對於熱愛桌球的運動員來說是強大的推動力。


英式撞球是一項永遠都有進步空間的運動,時日浸淫得越久,技術便越趨嫻熟。 作為桌球港隊其中的一員,現在積極為2010年底亞運會備戰的李銘皆每週練習30小時以上。處身在比賽場地,跟技術水準相當的對手所較勁的就是誰能更快適應現場;當然,情緒控制亦是成功的關鍵。李銘皆承認,取得東亞運銀牌後,壓力增加了不少。 但是,曾經參與香港電台節目「窮富翁大作戰」真人騷的他深切理解到露宿者那種"原地踏步,不思進取" 的心態;而壓力能成為推動力,令他進步,更上一層樓。





ericbaby_835Another Rosarian shines in the International sports event! Congratulations to Eric Lee - Silver Medal winner in the English Billiards Competition in the East Asian Games 2009. He was also the former President of RHSOSA from 2004 to 2006 and an absolute Rosarian who studied at RHS from Kindergarten to Form 7 in 1996. Let’s welcome him to this issue of the Rosarian!



The interview took place at Craigengower Cricket Club in Happy Valley. From the very beginning of the interview, the editorial team could trace out Eric’s unquestionable passion for sports. The list went from polo, ruby, snooker, golf, badminton, swimming, basketball, track field, football… And all are his ‘favorites’! Probably the list could have gone on and on, just you name it!


erichurdle_521Tracing back from his RHS days, he was a very active participant in various school associations while he could still manage very well academically. When he was in Form 7, he represented the school for six sports teams! One of them was badminton. He still remembers vividly that the Badminton team’s spirit always remained high under the lead of Mr. Damen Chan. In addition, Eric’s mother was also a good player and so badminton is always one of his very favorite sports. He was also awarded the best badminton player from 1994 to 1996 and won the Hong Kong’s A level men’s single in 1996.

On the other hand, his love for golf sprouted during his university life in the UK. Apart from this, he also joined the University’s team for snooker and badminton. Even when he graduated from University, his love for sports never ends. In addition, Eric is also very grateful to his family’s constant support for all the choices and decisions he made all along. And his winning to East Asian Games 2009 proves that this is all very ‘sensible’! It also attests Eric’s enduring devotion and hardwork for sports is undeniably serious. Besides, through his winning, English Billiards has gained more attention from the public and especially the youngsters. Eric mentioned that English Billiards was in fact quite a popular game twenty to thirty years ago. But due to the slow game pace, snooker, which was originated from English Billiards, turned out to gain faster popularity in Hong Kong.  Eric pointed that now snooker is enlisted as one of the “Elite Sports” by the Hong Kong Sport Institute. This certainly provides very good opportunity to the successors, and also a very encouraging motivation for all snooker sportsmen!

English Billiards is a kind of sports which there is always room for improvement; one gains proficiency along time and practice. As one of the representatives for the Hong Kong Snooker team, Eric is currently having intensive practice for more than 30 hours a week to prepare for the Asian Games at the end of 2010. Apart from the rigorous training, Eric added that when facing with opponent with similar level of techniques in a competition, one crucial factor will rely on the contestant’s swift adaptation of the competition environment and so forth on the spot. And definitely, sound emotional management is also the key to winning. At the end Eric pointed out that after winning the silver medal in East Asian Games 2009, he does feel the intensifying pressure.

Nevertheless, he learned that one should always move forward while participating in the RTHK live TV show. Pressure should be taken as motivation for improvement instead.


Last Eric concluded that his nowadays’ achievements should be originated from his RHS days when he was allowed to pick different kinds of clubs and associations freely. That did help him to develop his diverse interest as well as potentials. When he was asked about words for current RHS students, he pointed out ”Do not let go of any opportunity to get in touch with emerging things, as each encounter may become your unique opportunity in the future.”