About Us


Conney Poon

I always wish to give back to my alma mater and now I finally got a chance. It is my honour to be the secretary of RHSOSA. I had spent 14 years in Rosaryhill School since lower kindergarten with most unforgettable and joyful memories, I gain my fundamental knowledge from RHS, from learning how to write my name, learning letters of the alphabet and grammar, doing calculation, and then joining choir, swimming team and Girl Guide, with blissful school life in such a spacious place, they were all valuable moments to me. I met most of my best friends and beloved teachers in RHS too.
I am now working as a paralegal at the Knowledge Management Department in an international law firm. Besides, I am also an amateur drama player during my leisure.
Looking forward to see you all in the coming RHSOSA events. Furthermore, I also hope to see more and more old students to sign up as our OSA members too! Cheers!

Cora Chang

This is my fourth year with RHSOSA as a subcommittee member. I had received my kindergarten and primary education from RHS and I am glad that I have the chance giving back to the alma mater. Not only I had my happiest childhood spent in RHS, this is also where I got my solid foundation built - both spiritually and academically. With the effectiveness of today's social media tools, I hope more and more Rosarians will get connected to OSA; and, get connected back to our beloved School. I am looking forward to seeing you all at our activities.

Ernest Tai

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be part of the RHSOSA mentorship committee! I am eager to contribute to RHS, to the students, and excited to work with everyone in the team!
A brief introduction of myself - I went to RHS from 1978 to1989, I was a member of the Red Cross and School Choir. Later, I studied electrical engineering in Toronto and MBA in Hong Kong. My work experience and specialization is Aviation – business development and engineering. My interests are hiking, traveling, and playing music. In June 2010, I organized for my mentees a visit to a major airline in Hong Kong. I look forward to introduce more activities in the coming year!

Preston Lui

Even after graduated from the school for so many years, I still dream of going back to Rosaryhill, and study as I form one student again!!
It gives me great pleasure being a part of the Rosaryhill School Old student Association. Once again, I can be close to the school, the Fathers, the teachers, and fellow students.
Even more meaningful, the association not only serve our alma mater, but also the community, via a variety of voluntary services.
Yes, I am a Rosarian, and I am proud of it!

Esther Lee

Henry Lim

Karen Yu