About Us

Executive Committee


Edward Ng

Hi all, it is my honour to be elected to be the President of the RHSOSA again. In February 2014, I decided to run for the post again after my previous term as the President between 2006 and 2011. I hope that through the assistance of my fellow committees and subcommittees together with our members, RHSOSA will continue to grow and become an organization which not only allows you to stay connected to Rosaryhill School and your fellow RHS friends, but it would also allow us to jointly do something meaningful together for the society!



Patrick Rozario

I am another old student that grew up in Rosaryhill School. I started in Kindergarten and complete secondary school (Form 5) in 1978. I am a past President of RHSOSA from 2001 to 2003. I am very grateful of what Rosaryhill School has provided to me in all these years and I hope that I could make my small contributions in helping to bring all past students, current students and the school together in closer contact.





Aleydis Chan

It is with great pleasure and my honor to be the Secretary of RHSOSA.
My Primary days at Rosaryhill School was certainly the happiest time of my childhood, here I met my best of friends, lifetime mentors and has definitely molded me to become who I am today.
I wish my contributions can give back to our Alma Mater, to long live our Rosarian spirit as we seedbed our sincere love and truth to future generations.





David Chow

I am delighted to serve for the OSA as Treasurer. Financial stability is important for the growth and the maintenance of sustainability of an organization. It is a challenge for me to lead our Investment Committee to manage funds for the OSA and RHS to ensure that fellow students can continue to receive scholarships from these funds.




Finance Director

Arthur Yau

Hello I am Arthur. I am assumed as Financial Director this year. I am glad being able to continue to serve Rosaryhill School and the OSA after I graduated.




Membership Director

Evy Cheung

Hi, I am Evy and graduated in 1995 (S7). I am assumed as Membership Director in this year. Hope to meet more Rosarians in coming future. If you are our members, invite your classmates to join; if not, just enrol now!




Editorial Director

Jennie Wei

I went to RHS from Primary 3 to 6 and happened to join the OSA few years ago. I am happy to be part of the big family and team and be able to participate/ help in some of the very meaningful and interesting activities and events! This year I am the Editorial Director and look forward to sharing with you all more on the latest update of our alma mater! Should you have any comments on the contents of the newsletter, please feel free to contact me at editorial@rhsosa.org




Events Director

Freddie Chan

Hi, I graduated from secondary section in 1990s. I am glad to be a Rosarian and I have fond memories of my secondary school days at RHS. It is my pleasure to serve both our alma mater and current students after graduation. This year, not only are the traditional events for you, but we are also going to organize something new. Do Come and join us.




Charities Director

Helen Cheung

It’s my great honour to serve in the old students association of my Alma Mater since 2007. As the charity director, I hope that we can gather our alumni to spread the love and care to the society. Through our voluntary contribution, I also hope that we can act as role models to our current students, may the seeds of positive and caring attitude towards the needy be planted to them.




Information Technology Director

Joel Choi

This is my Third year with RHSOSA and I am glad being able to serve our alma mater. I studied in RHS Secondary from 1991 to 1998 and was actively involved in the school drama and photography club. Between 2001 and 2004, I rejoined RHS as a teacher in the Business section and was in charge of the school football team.
Moments with RHS are always precious and as the IT Director of RHSOSA, I hope our website can facilitate the needs of our alumni as a platform for regular updates and communications. I wish more Rosarians will rejoin our big family online even if they are not residing in Hong Kong.