Executive Committee


Edward Ng

Hi all, it is my honour to be elected to be the President of the RHSOSA again. In February 2014, I decided to run for the post again after my previous term as the President between 2006 and 2011. I hope that through the assistance of my fellow committees and subcommittees together with our members, RHSOSA will continue to grow and become an organization which not only allows you to stay connected to Rosaryhill School and your fellow RHS friends, but it would also allow us to jointly do something meaningful together for the society!



Mendy Cheng


It is my honour to serve in the RHSOSA, a channel for Rosarians to keep themselves up to date with our Alma Mater. All the serving members and I are pleased to have this opportunity to contribute to the school, and Hong Kong as a whole, with love and care and passion.

In the past, the ‘House System’ was used to connect students from different form levels and to improve their social skills while taking part in different house activities. Now, the RHSOSA wants to connect Rosarians of different age groups, from different places, and in different professions. I am sure we can learn more from each other in the process. Let’s support RHSOSA with pride and enthusiasm.





Kelly Liu

Hi all, it's my honur to be the Secretary of RHSOSA. My connection with RHS starts from 1980 as a kindergarden student, the School has given me lots of good memories over my acedemic years. I'm happy to reconnect with the School again which also offers me an opportunity to meet alumni from different age groups.





David Chow

I am delighted to serve for the OSA as Treasurer. Financial stability is important for the growth and the maintenance of sustainability of an organization. It is a challenge for me to lead our Investment Committee to manage funds for the OSA and RHS to ensure that fellow students can continue to receive scholarships from these funds.




Membership Director

Rosa Ho

Hihi, it is a great honour to be part of RHSOSA. I spent my "Entire" student life in RHS and trust it is time for me to contribute back to my alma mater in a different way. Can't wait to see you all, let's join us!




Editorial Director

Julia Chiu

It is my great honour to serve my alma mater after 15 years of graduation. With my experience in communication and publication, I look forward to sharing with all of you the news and wonderful stories of RHS and OSA. Stay tuned and let us know if you have any ideas for our newsletter!




Events Director

King Wong

It is my pleasure to work with RHSOSA to shoulder the mission of enriching our alma mater's legacy by supporting its sustainable development. I am proud to be the bridge between the school and the alumni, and between the school and the society at large. I will strive my best to assist executing events throughout the year with the goal of establishing new connections and fostering old one for both present and prospective students.




Charities Director

Helen Cheung

It’s my great honour to serve in the old students association of my Alma Mater since 2007. As the charity director, I hope that we can gather our alumni to spread the love and care to the society. Through our voluntary contribution, I also hope that we can act as role models to our current students, may the seeds of positive and caring attitude towards the needy be planted to them.




Information Technology Director

Jorge Graca


I have studied at Rosaryhill School for more than ten years since primary one. I met and knew most of the good and interesting friends in my life there. Hope my little technical knowledge and experience may help Old Students Association.