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Welcome Message

Dear Rosarians,

No matter you are residing in Hong Kong or overseas, using an iPhone or an iPad, you should bookmark this website (www.rhsosa.org) to get in touch with us 24 hours a day.

Through this website, you will be able to know the latest news about the OSA and your alma mater. Our editorial team has been working hard to report the past events and to preview the upcoming activities through the Newsletter.

For the upcoming activities and events, we shall upload the event calendar in the Activities section, so that you can plan ahead and participate in our events and activities, especially for those residing overseas and busy travellers. Even though you may not have time to participate in each of our events or activities, you can log-in and view the photos from the Photo Gallery, sharing the joy and fun we have and identifying the familiar faces.

From time to time, we have interviews with old students, teachers or staff, who we are proud of them. Through the Rosarians you will learn more about their stories, which you may be part of them. We believe that it is also a good means to recall each other’s memory.

If you are eager to look for your long lost friend, you can drop down a few lines in Forum. We provide this platform for fellow old students to link up with each other, but you must have registered as a member before gaining an access right. If you have identified a schoolmate or a teacher, who has already registered as our member, you can enter into Membership section and provide the details, then the committee will help you to pass your message to the one who you are looking for.

We understand that many of you have regular contacts with your peer group; we would be appreciative if you can join our key contact person (KCP) subcommittee. This will enable us to reach out to those old students who have not yet registered as members. Please note that OSA membership needs to be registered or updated by yourself, click on Membership now and fill in the required fields.

Lastly, we need many volunteers to run events and activities and to update our website. Your registration at Volunteer section will enable us to continue our service to our members. Through volunteer work, you will meet more old students, build up your network, and can share your experience with each other.

We will endeavor to constantly update the OSA website to reflect the activities that the old students undertake worldwide. Most importantly, we want this website to be an interface for all Rosarians to reach us and be reached. You can make use of Contact Us to send us your comments and suggestions.

Yours truly,

David Chow
President (2011-2012)