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玫瑰崗小學部 梁校長專訪 Interview with Ms Leung, Principal of Primary Section 17/02/2012

An interview with Ms. Leung Yee Wan – a Campus of Diversity and Harmony

RHSOSA interviewed Ms. Leung Yee Wan in 2008 when Ms. Leung succeeded from Fr. Francisco de las Heras as the Principal of the Primary Section of Rosaryhill School. Ms. Leung joined the primary section of the School as the Head Teacher after she retired from the Canossa Primary School (San Po Kong) in 2007.

Since then, the demography of the Primary Section changed considerably. When Ms. Leung first joined the School in 2007, there were one or two non-Cantonese speaking students in each class. Today, the first language of 45% of the students in the Primary
Section is not Cantonese. There are students from all corners of the world; there are students who came from Europe, the Americas and mainland China. There are many Chinese students whose first language is English or other languages.

As a private school, Ms. Leung has more flexibility in setting the curriculum and determining the medium of instruction. English is the medium of instruction for English, mathematics and general studies (Science and Hygiene). Mandarin is now the medium of instruction for Primary 1 and Primary 2 Chinese. As there are many Non Chinese Speaking (NCS) students, they could attend Chinese classes of lower level. NCS students stream into different Chinese classes according to their proficiency (Streaming).

Rosaryhill School is a Catholic School run by Fathers of the Dominican Order from Spain. With the Spanish heritage, "Spanish for Fun" was introduced in this school year for all Primary 1 to Primary 6 students. Ms. Centeno Raquel, a native Spanish teacher was recruited to teach the Spanish class. "Spanish for Fun" was very well received by all students and parents. The School is planning to extend the "Spanish for Fun" to Kindergarten and Secondary 1. The text book for "Spanish for Fun" is Colega 1. Colega means buddy in Spanish. See attached photo. The Primary Section is a quarto-lingual school, students use English, Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish in their everyday communication.

Today, there are many native Spanish speaking expatriates from Spain and South America living and working in Hong Kong and there is no local Spanish school cater the education needs of their children. The Primary Section of the School is planning to open Spanish classes for native Spanish speaking students. These children would have the opportunity to learn their native language as well as Chinese and other regular studies in a diverse, multicultural and lively environment.

Ms. Leung is also organising a Spanish Carnival ("Fiesta en la Escuela") on the School Open Day. The open day will be held on 18 March 2012 from 10a.m. to 4p.m. It will feature a number of Spanish booths, game booths and there will be a flamenco dance show and other performances in the School hall. The old students
association will also participate in this Spanish Carnival.

In the coming years, Ms. Leung other plans include hiring more English teachers who are native English speakers, enhancing the computer studies into a livelier format, may also introduce other programs like carpentry. It is also interesting to note that 2/3 of the students in the Primary Section are boy, which is uncommon in Hong Kong. There may be opportunity to develop more competitive sports programs for the students.

Ms. Leung is very glad to see the students of the Primary Section are able to obtain a quality education with emphasis on both personal development and academic achievement in a green and lively environment, with diversity and harmony.

Reporter: Patrick Rozario, From 5, 1978
Note from reporter: As a first generation Spanish students taught by Fr. Francisco in the 1970's, I am glad to see Spanish is being reintroduced into the School.

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