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玫瑰崗學校嚴正聲明 RHS' Official Statement 08/05/2013




8th May, 2013


Dear Parents and Guardians,

Official Statement

Our school wishes to respond to the incident posted on 8th May 2013 by sections of the media concerning the case of a student being physically punished.


1.      Rosaryhill School has been established for over 50 years and is reputed for providing a healthy and secure learning environmrent for students both physically and spiritually.  Our school has always had a close relationship with the Parent Teacher Association and parents have always been very supportive of us.  The school has always been very cooperative with the two parties in providing a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for children to develop both physically and psychologically.

2.      We are very concerned about the incident and we have established an investigation group to investigate the authentity of the photo.

3.      Every teacher is fully aware of the teacher’s guidelines before employment and it is clearly stated that physical punishment to students of any kind is strictly unacceptable and will be handled seriously.

4.      The photo of this incident was taken some years ago. If the incident reflected the truth, the teacher who took this photo should have informed the school authority and resolved it in a proper way.

5.      It is our school’s practice to have at least two or even four teachers in the classroom to carry out activities; besides, our kindergarten principal and school supervisor patrol regularly to ensure our students are learning in a safe environment.

6.      The photo that is currently being used by the media is itself a form of abuse as it has a negative impact upon the well-being of children’s physical and psychological development. For the sake of safeguarding our children to learn in a healthy environment, we should prohibit the act of distributing such a photo.

7.      Our school reserves the right to take legal action if we find there is somebody who sets out to intentionally damage our school’s reputation by creating a false impression of our school based on a photo.


Rosaryhill School

Rosaryhill Kindergarten

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